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Why Kids Should Spend Time Outdoors

Why Kids Should Spend Time Outdoors

No one argues the benefit and value of spending time outdoors.  The current discussion centers on how to make your kids WANT to be outdoors vs. buried within the confines of video and computer games.

Here are some proven tricks that will get them outside and playing:

  1. Tell them it’s okay to get wet, dirty, and messy.
  2. Organize an outdoor play date. Take your kids and a few of their friends to a park, creek, or lake. Watch them cooperate and interact with each other and the natural environment.
  3. Allow your kids to take part in “fun” outdoor chores, like planting or watering a garden, keeping it weed free, hose down the sidewalk after the yard has been mowed, and so on.
  4. Set limits for computer, video game, and TV time and set timers to help enforce them.
  5. Dragging Junior along on a three-mile hike isn’t much fun for anybody. Instead, let your children determine which activity you choose to do outside.
  6. A patio, verandah or cubby house can provide shelter for play outdoors during the hotter and colder months, and extend your family’s playful spaces at any time of the year.

Is it worth the trouble?  Absolutely!

Playing Outside Provides Great Exercise.

Running, jumping, riding bikes, playing tag and other outdoor activities gives kids something they need more of – exercise! Playing outdoors keeps their bodies moving and energized.

Playing Outside Stimulates the Mind.

Children tend to learn more from viewing than doing.  Playing outside “forces” your child to interact with nature, other children, and the surrounding natural environment.

Playing Outside Promotes Problem Solving and Helps Develop People Skills.

Studies have shown that children who play outside learn how to solve real-life problems better than those who play by themselves indoors. Studies also show that kids who play outdoors have a much easier time relating to others, creating strong relationships and developing better social skills. 

Playing Outside Provides Vitamin D.

Being outside exposes kids to sunlight, the most abundant source of Vitamin D. important?  Vitamin D helps promote better moods, higher energy levels, keener memory, and overall better health. Just 10-15 minutes out in the sun provides your child with their complete daily dose of this important vitamin.

Here in the northeast, we have a short enough outdoor season as it is to not take full advantage of it.  However, once playtime is over, it’s time to head back indoors.  At Correct Temp we excel at providing the best in year-round comfort, no matter what the outdoor weather conditions might be.  Contact us today for any heating, cooling, or air quality need you might have.

Why Kids Should Spend Time Outdoors