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Why It’s Not Too Late for a Heating Inspection and Tune-Up

Why It’s Not Too Late for a Heating Inspection and Tune-Up

No matter if you use a furnace, boiler, in-floor heating system, heat pump, or ductless system, it needs to have an annual tune-up and inspection by an experienced HVAC professional to ensure dependable operation all winter long. But if you’re like many busy homeowners, this task is one of those things that often gets put on the back burner.

But now is as good of a time as ever to take care of it. In fact it’s never too late for a heating inspection and tune-up – until you decide to skip it entirely until next fall. And that’s something we never recommend.

Let’s look at specific benefits of a late-season heating inspection, starting with the most important:


Today’s residential heating systems are designed with safety as a top priority. However, without proper maintenance, natural gas heating systems can still pose health and safety risks such as gas leaks and combustion hazards. When gas systems age, they have a higher likelihood of suffering from potentially hazardous situations like cracked heat exchangers. Our highly trained professionals specifically look for such safety issues when inspecting a heater during maintenance.

Prolonged Equipment Life

Another vital reason that it’s never too late to schedule heating system maintenance is that a properly maintained system will last years longer than one that is not. The average life of a natural gas furnace is around 15 years, an electric furnaces around 20, and a boiler can sometimes go for 30 years. Heat pumps last in the 10 to 15-year range. But without maintenance, the wear and tear of managing winter comfort will run a system down much faster, and you’ll end up paying for more frequent repairs and, ultimately, a new system years too early.

Protect the Warranty

Annual maintenance is often necessary to keep the equipment warranty valid. The manufacturer’s warranty is what protects you in case the unit fails due to the manufacturer’s fault. Without a valid warranty, you may be trapped paying for a repair or a full replacement that might otherwise have been covered. Make sure you have this essential consumer protection and always have licensed pros maintain your heating system each year.

‍What’s Included in a Heating Inspection?

During a heating inspection, one of our licensed and experienced HVAC professionals will look at the entire system, checking all components, filters, electrical wiring, and controls to ensure they are working properly. While the steps performed during an inspections may vary, our professional technicians will take the time to:

  • Examine the heat exchanger for any signs of corrosion, separations, or cracks
  • Test that there is a tight seal on the blower access door
  • Check the furnace’s air filter and change it if needed
  • Check the belts for any wear or cracks
  • Test the system’s startup cycle to make sure it’s operating correctly
  • Check the air intake grill for blockages
  • Test the units’ safety controls for proper operation
  • Examine the flue for any obstructions
  • Test thermostat calibration
  • Check the burner to make sure it is igniting properly
  • Check flame sensor for accurate operation
  • Inspect all electrical connections for rust, corrosion, or damage
  • Lubricate all moving parts to help reduce friction
  • And more.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why an annual heating inspection is essential. If it’s been a year or more since your last heating inspection and tune up, call Correct Temp today. We are here to help with all your heating needs, and to your complete satisfaction.

Why It’s Not Too Late for a Heating Inspection and Tune-Up