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Why is My AC System Blowing Hot Air

Why is My AC System Blowing Hot Air?

Central air conditioning can be a lifesaver on a hot, humid day. You count on it. You step inside and expect to just say “Ahhh!”

But then that fateful day comes when “Ahhh” turns to “Arrgh…who the heck turned off the AC?” As it turns out, nobody turned it off. It shut down all by itself or a problem arose that has turned cool air into hot.

Most of those instances can be prevented with annual system maintenance. Even then, AC systems typically don’t last longer than 15 years. Is yours not running up to par? These are a few things you can troubleshoot on your own.

Check the power source. Sometimes the problem is as easily solved as turning the thermostat to the “cool” setting or discovering that your system somehow was unplugged, or a circuit breaker tripped. If none of those three factors are the cause, check to see if the unit’s motor has a built-in overload switch that might have tripped.

Make sure the thermostat is working. Just because a thermostat is on “cool” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working. Does it use batteries? Try changing them to see if it re-engages.

Check the filter. A heavily clogged filter can cause the motor to overheat and then shut down. If you can’t remember the last time you changed or cleaned your filter, do so right away and keep up with it every 8 weeks or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Is the drain clogged? A/C systems work by removing hot air from your home while also removing excess humidity. Excess moisture is collected through a drainpipe that, over time, can accumulate algae and debris if not flushed frequently, thus preventing it from draining properly. That’s a discovery and solution best left to Correct Temp.

The outside compressor might be blocked. The outdoor component of your AC system is called the compressor. And because it’s outside, it is susceptible to becoming dirty or blocked with debris. Check yours to make sure it’s free of dirt, leaves, grass clipping, and nests. Also, never place toys, towels, or any other objects on top so the fans can operate freely and without overheating.

Are refrigerant levels low? If your system runs on R-22 refrigerant – commonly known as Freon – and levels are low due to a leak, there may not be enough coolant for the system to keep your indoors cool and comfortable. That’s another job for a licensed and experienced HVAC company.

Correct Temp is your local HVAC company for all seasons and all reasons. If you’re not enjoying maximum indoor comfort, contact us for a job done right.

Why is My AC System Blowing Hot Air