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Not feeling the heat?
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no time.




We have more
ways than ever to
keep you cool.




Enjoy greater comfort
with improved indoor
air quality.




From preventive maintenance
to discounts on all repairs,
this plan is for you.


What to Do When You Have No Heat

What to Do When You Have No Heat

If you don’t have enough heat to keep warm, here’s what you don’t want.

  • “Sorry, we don’t work on boilers.”
  • “How’s 3 days from now around 5 PM?”
  • “I’ll try to squeeze you in sometime tomorrow…no promises.”

And now for what you DO want to hear.

  • “Hi, Mrs. Adams. Yes, how’s noon today? And don’t worry, we service and repair all makes and models of furnaces and boilers.”

At last, that elusive sigh of relief that you hoped for on the first call. Well, if you take away just one thing from this blog, remember to call Correct Temp first from now on. We won’t let you down.

Once we arrive at your home, we’ll diagnose the problem and give you one or more recommended solutions. Our goal is always to help you choose what’s best for your family, home, and budget. 

Boiler Repair | Heating System Problem

At Correct Temp, we service and repair the following types of home heating systems:

  • Gas boilers (baseboard or radiator systems)
  • Gas furnaces (forced air heat distributed through air ducts)
  • Ductless air systems
  • Heat pumps

Here’s something else we do: tell the truth, even when we know it won’t always be well received. If, for example, we believe yet another boiler or furnace repair would be a waste of money, we’ll tell you that and recommend a replacement heating system. Still want the repair work done, even if just to buy some time? Ultimately, we’re here to do what YOU think is best!

Furnace Preventative Maintenance | Heating System Inspection

We’re certainly not miracle workers, and yet scores of our customers might argue the point. Especially those who insist on annual preventative maintenance so they can continue to enjoy:   

  • Reliable performance
  • Fewer & less costly repairs
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Reduced heating costs
  • More consistent temperatures throughout your house

Preventative maintenance also helps ensure your added safety. Take the heat exchanger in your furnace, for example. The older it gets, the more prone it becomes to emitting carbon monoxide gas into your living spaces.  So, we carefully inspect the heat exchanger for potential cracks and leaks.  We also tighten all electrical connections during system maintenance to help prevent electrical fires while performing other safety-oriented steps.

To help prevent heating or air conditioning problems, contact us for preventative maintenance – we recommend annual system inspections. But should a problem occur anywhere, at any time, our skilled team of HVAC professionals is always on hand to answer the call and get to work.   

What to Do When You Have No Heat