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What Constitutes an Emergency Furnace Repair

What Constitutes an Emergency Furnace Repair

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re in the middle of a home heating emergency. If not, then perhaps you’re looking for someone you can turn to, with confidence, should the need ever arise.

Either way, let’s define what constitutes a true heating emergency, one you can expect to treat with highest priority, day, night, or weekend.

System failure:  You lose heat in the middle of the night and, by the time you realize it, the indoor temperature has dropped to 55 degrees or less. You walk from room to room to see if the problem exists throughout your house or is confined to one area. If it’s whole-house, that’s a true emergency.

Medical issue: You have a loved one confined to a hospital bed and they require a steady supply of heat to prevent a medical problem from becoming worse. No matter what time of day that might occur, you have a heating emergency repair issues on your hand.

Gas leak:  A gas leak is serious business and never should be left for “later on.” If you smell gas, shut off your furnace immediately, vacate the premises, and call your heating service provider or gas company from a safe distance away.

Furnace is blowing cold air:  If your system is blowing cold it only makes the lack-of-heat problem worse. Turn off the thermostat and call for emergency assistance.

Loud furnace noises:  Almost every unusual noise your system can make suggests a part is loose or damaged. A loose or damaged part can cause big and expensive problems, and that alone warrants an emergency phone call.

Electrical issues:  Tripped circuit breakers, electrical buzzing or humming, flickering lights, and other unusual electrical activity are cause for concern in and of themselves and can spell trouble for your heating system.

Heating system leaks:  Extensive or even minor water damage can rack up huge repair and renovation bills in a hurry, which is why we recommend you call for an emergency team when you spot a furnace or boiler leak.

Here at Correct Temp, we often have tough decisions to make. Let’s say, for example, we get 5 requests for emergency service at 1 am and we know, based on manpower, we can handle 3 at the most. From experience, we know that not all 5 will be true emergencies, thus forcing to prioritize the repair needs. That doesn’t mean, however, we’ll leave you high and dry if we deem your problem not quite as serious as some of the others. It means we’ll advise you as best we can on what to do until we get there, and when we expect that will be.

Ultimately, here’s what you can count on. Your family’s indoor comfort is vital to us and we’ll make every effort to solve every problem as quickly and thoroughly as we know how. And, in case you’re still wondering – we proudly offer 24/7 emergency heating and AC repair service. Contact us today or anytime and let us know how we can best serve you.

What Constitutes an Emergency Furnace Repair