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The Value of an AC System Safety Check

The Value of an AC System Safety Check

Allow us to introduce a couple on their way to a favorite get-away spot, traveling by car, and already 100 miles from home. Let’s call them Cara and Lester – “Care-Less” for short. Here we join them engaging in idle chatter.

“Say Hon, did you remember to close the garage door?”

“Probably not.”

“How about cancelling newspaper and mail delivery for the week?”

“Pretty sure that slipped my mind, too.”

“No big deal…but what about activating the fire and security alarm?”

“Hey, it’s not like we’re going away for a month!”

You’d call that careless behavior, wouldn’t you? But how about when the safety issue isn’t quite so obvious? In that instance, neglecting to take the appropriate measure isn’t being careless. It simply means you weren’t aware of the issue in the first place.

Ensuring Your AC System’s Safe Operation  

You purchased a central air system for the cool and comfortable environment it provides. But with that decision comes an added responsibility to keep your home and family safe from harm.

Each year, for example, there are an estimated 7,800 home structure fires, 280 home fire injuries, and $196 million in direct property damage. Main such instances are brought about by AC electrical problems, of which there are three main sources:

  • Overuse, which causes heat buildup
  • Improper or lack of professional maintenance
  • Poor electrical wiring and other electrical issues

That’s all the reason you need to contact Correct Temp for AC preventive maintenance which includes several important safety-related measures. It’s a great way to keep your system in top working order while enhancing home and personal safety.

Our service includes a new, disposable replacement filter along with a flush of your system’s drain line. A new filter helps keep dirt, dust, and bacteria out of the air so you can breathe cleaner, healthier air.

As for flushing the drain line, the goal is to prevent mold and algae from forming and growing. Given enough time, they can create a blockage which, in turn, will cause excess water to leak into your house – a perfect recipe for structural damage and costly repairs.

Our Correct Temps professionals also will assess your electrical connections, pressure gauge, air filter, thermostat, voltage, exhaust flue, blower motor and fan, heat exchanger, control board, burners, pilot assembly, relays, belts, wiring, sensors, gas line, water leaks, and all necessary heating and cooling components.

And that doesn’t even include the strictly AC performance-related inspection steps we also undertake on your behalf.

So, for the best in safe and effective AC operation, contact Correct Temp today for our full preventive maintenance service, safety check and all.

The Value of an AC System Safety Check