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The Pros and Cons of Open Concept Living

The Pros and Cons of Open Concept Living

Open concept living has been fueling renovation projects from coast to coast since the ‘90s. The main objective is to remove walls between kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms to make one large, open space for the whole family to enjoy. But despite its popularity, some homeowners are rethinking the wide-open floorplan in favor of several smaller hideaways.

If you’re considering an open floorplan for your next renovation or new home construction, you should know the pros and cons of this setup.

Benefits of Open Floorplans

Here are some of the most common reasons why homeowners continue to choose open floorplan living.

  • Bring People Together

Whether you’re chatting with your guests while making dinner, helping the kids with homework, or reading while the in-laws watch TV, an open floorplan creates multi-functional spaces where entertaining and being together becomes easier.

  • Great for Entertaining

An open floorplan means more space to gather with family and friends. Want a large dining table to host holidays and dinner parties? No problem. A dance floor to show off your moves? Go for it. An open floorplan turns your home into a space where everyone can gather, eat, play, and relax in the same room.

  • More Natural Light

Fewer walls mean less light-blocking barriers. And the more natural light we’re exposed to, the happier and more energized we feel. Removing walls lets the light that comes in through your windows spread throughout the home, eliminating dark interior rooms that would otherwise rely on artificial lights.

  • Maximize Square Footage

Open floorplan homes feel bigger since the square footage isn’t cut up into small, cramped quarters. Plus, you’re no longer allocating 300 square feet to a formal living room or dining room that you use once or twice a year.

  • Increase Property Value

Homes with open floor plans are still popular among home buyers. So, if you plan to sell your home in the next few years, chances are it will sell for more than a similar home with a closed or traditional layout.

Drawbacks of Open Floorplans

Open floorplans are not without drawbacks. Here are some important factors to consider.

  • Noise Levels

The dishwasher is running in the kitchen, the TV is on in the living room, and the kids are playing a game at the dinner table. While using area rugs and fabrics can minimize it, there’s just no hiding from the noise in an open floor plan home.

  • Can’t Hide the Mess

With no walls between main living areas, “out of sight, out of mind” isn’t really an option. If you get stressed out looking at a sink full of dishes, clutter on the counters, and toys on the floor, perhaps open concept isn’t for you.

  • Lingering Odors

That delicious pasta dish you relished for dinner won’t be so great when you’re still smelling it in the morning. No doors and walls mean no scent barriers, so food odors have a tendency to linger and spread.

  • Less Privacy

A multi-functional space means lots going on at once, and that can become a little chaotic. If you enjoy your privacy or intimate conversations, an open concept layout can be quite overwhelming.

  • More Costly to Heat and Cool

In homes with a traditional or more closed-off floor plan, you can heat or cool only the rooms you’re using. In an open plan layout, you need to heat and cool the entire space, which takes longer, uses more energy, and costs you more.

No matter what style your home might be, we can recommend and install the most energy-efficient home comfort systems possible. Whether you’re planning a home remodel or considering upgrading your struggling heating system before winter weather sets in, talk to the pros at Correct Temp today.

The Pros and Cons of Open Concept Living