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The Perfect Thermostat Temp for Cooler Weather

The Perfect Thermostat Temp for Cooler Weather

Every family squabbles about something every now and then. You want Italian for dinner while your kids want Chinese. Your spouse wants to watch a rom-com while you’d prefer action-adventure. Then there’s the matter of the thermostat. You being the cost-conscious one think the thermostat should be set at a slightly-cool yet still comfortable 64 degrees while everyone else in your home is freezing at anything below 70.

So, what is the ideal thermostat temperature? Well, according to the Department of Energy, it’s the lowest possible temperature someone is comfortable with – 68 degrees F for most. Given that not everyone in your home will have the same comfort zone, how do you keep them all happy while keeping heating costs in check? With these 5 energy-saving strategies.

 1. Select the right spot for the thermostat.

Choose this location carefully to avoid “ghost readings”. A thermostat may be triggered to turn on or off prematurely is located in an overly sunny area, near drafty windows, or near doorways. The best location is an interior wall that experiences a home’s natural airflow. And don’t block the thermostat with drapes, furniture, or artwork.

 2. Give your body a chance to acclimate to cooler weather. 

Ever notice how comfortable you are being outside on a sunny, 65 degree day? But once winter rolls around you’re cranking the heat up to 70?  Once heating season begins, lower the thermostat temp gradually so you have a chance to get used to being a little chilly. In the meantime, dress in layers, add warm, fuzzy socks, and curl up under a cozy fleece blanket.

 3. Turn the temperature down for at least 8 hours a day.

If no one is home for long stretches of time, turn the thermostat down by approximately 10 degrees to reduce energy consumption and save on heating costs. Another great time to lower the temp is overnight while everyone sleeps. In fact, most people sleep better and longer in cooler conditions.

 4. Install a programmable thermostat. 

A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature for you based on your family’s schedule. If your daily routine is isn’t very routine at all, consider a smart thermostat that includes settings that can automatically detect your absence and lower the temp while you’re gone. Plus, you’ll have the ability to adjust the thermostat right from your smartphone or tablet whether you’re home or away.

 5. Maintain your heating system.

If you want real energy savings, have your heating system serviced once a year, ideally just before the heating season starts. Annual preventive maintenance helps ensure all components are operating safely and properly, catches any problems before they become costly, emergency repairs, and helps extend equipment life.

And who better to perform this essential service than Correct Temp, your local home comfort experts. Contact us today to schedule your heating system tune-up and inspection, or anytime for any heating, cooling, or air quality need.

The Perfect Thermostat Temp for Cooler Weather