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Now, Pay Less to Heat Your Home

Now, Pay Less to Heat Your Home

Talk about things people say or ask repeatedly.  You know, like: “You pay how much to heat your home?!”

In fact, let’s say someone recently asked you exactly that question. When you spilled the beans about your monthly heating costs, were they shocked?  Full of advice? Did their response make you feel, better, worse, or cause you to wonder if you’re paying too much?

The fact is you can always reduce those costs by taking some pretty simple steps. Here are just a few sure to save you some money.

Reverse Ceiling Fan Direction

If you have a two-way fan, you’re in luck. Come winter, simply reverse the direction to counter-clockwise so it will push warm air down. That way, you’ll feel just as warm at a lower temperature than you would without the fan. With less wasted heat comes lower heating costs.

Seal Windows & Doors

You don’t need a home energy audit to discover if your windows and doors are leaking air. Simply light a taper candle and move it around the edges.  If the flame tilts to the side, there’s a leak. You can at least partially correct the problem with some combination of caulk and weather stripping.

Zone Control

If you have just one thermostat, consider splitting your home into two or more zones, each with its own thermostat. That way, you can supply occupied areas with more heat than those that are empty. You also can change those settings at any time as when you go to bed.

Window Treatments

Open or pull aside window treatments to allow the sun’s warming rays to heat your home, then close them at night to retain the extra heat.

Check your insulation

Poor or no attic insulation allows warm air to rise to and out the roof, and that could represent a huge loss of heat. Rule of thumb: cover your entire attic floor with 6” of high-quality insulation to help keep the heat in and your utility bills down.

Wear warm clothing

Winter is the perfect time to don those thick, flannel pj’s you love so much. Wearing warmer clothing indoors will make you feel perfectly comfortable at lower temperature settings. And when it’s cold out, who doesn’t love hanging out in warm cozy socks? While you’re at it, head to the kitchen, whip up your favorite hot beverage, and enjoy. The warmer you feel inside, the less heat you’ll need from your furnace or boiler.

Another great way to cut your heating costs is with annual system maintenance performed the experienced heating pros at Correct Temp. If it’s been a year or longer since you last had service, contact us today to keep the heat in, and your bills down.

Now, Pay Less to Heat Your Home