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“Is it Time to Replace My Furnace?”

“Is it Time to Replace My Furnace?”

When comes-a-knockin’ – even just early fall – it’s always best to confront it head on. Playing possum just doesn’t seem to work, especially where your family’s indoor comfort is concerned.

So what’s a responsible home owner to do to ensure they have all the heat they need even before the heating season arrives? One prudent move is to schedule a pre-season cleaning and inspection by the cooling and heating pros here at Correct Temp.

But before you make that call, think back to the last heating system? Was your system giving you trouble then, to the point that you were relieved when the time finally came to shut it off? If so, and you took no action to find out what was wrong, all those same problems are just waiting to revisit you. And one or more of them might be all the reason you need to say, “enough is enough” and move on to new, far more reliable, and more energy efficient replacement system.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why people replace their systems proactively instead of waiting for theirs to fall apart: 

  • Soaring Heating Costs. The older and more sluggish your furnace, the harder and longer it must work to keep you warm.  And that’s what accounts for the significant increases in heating costs.
  • More Frequent Repairs. Since heating systems aren’t designed to last forever, it stands to reason that the older one gets, the more prone it becomes to poor performance and breakdowns. Eventually, you’ll discover that it’s not worth investing even one more dollar in a last-ditch effort to repair it.
  • Furnace is Constantly Running. A furnace is designed to run until it achieves the desired temperature, and then cycle off for a while until more heat is needed.  If, however, yours is constantly running, something’s gone wrong. That may not spell the end of it, but it’s worth having in professionally looked at.
  • Hot and Cold Spots. Furnaces are designed to deliver a consistent amount of warm air to each room it serves. It’s inability to do so could be attributed to a thermostat problem, poor airflow, general wear and tear, and other common causes. It’s a problem that needs a resolution – for your sake.

Here’s another great reason to proactively replace your heating system: it’s outlived its expected lifespan (15-20 years). Even if it’s still working reasonably well, it’s not nearly as energy efficient as it used to be, and that means you’re spending too much to hear your home. In fact, a new, high efficiency heating system can pay for itself in energy savings in as little as a few years.

Today, we invite you to contact Correct Temp for any home heating need: annual system maintenance, troubleshooting a performance issue, or providing you with a free estimate on a replacement system. Correct Temp: we’re all the home heating and cooling company you’ll ever need.

“Is it Time to Replace My Furnace?”
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