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Is Fall Too Late for an AC Tune-up and Inspection?

Is Fall Too Late for an AC Tune-up and Inspection?

Are you more inclined to get things done “like clockwork” or the “better late than never” type?” As in, do you show up to meetings, appointments, and social events right on time – if not with time to spare – or are you habitually, fashionably late?

That comparison applies to some of the more important things in our lives. Then there’s another group that you might view as less important – you know, where even the most punctual people let things slide that they don’t view critical – assuming they bother to think of it at all.

News Flash:  Your central air conditioning system falls into that category for many people, including valued customers like you. People, for example, who think that if an AC system is running fine, let it be. And that’s if they bother to think about preventive maintenance at all.

There’s Never a Bad Time for Preventive Maintenance

No human being could endure the kind of non-stop motion and effort required of an AC system during a hot and steamy summer. We just weren’t built that way. But your AC system was – and can do the job successfully for up to about 15 years provided it receives annual preventive maintenance – the kind provided by the HVAC pros here at Correct Temp.

Is Spring the best time of year for preventive maintenance? Absolutely, and for at least a few good reasons:

  • The sooner you prepare it for the season ahead, the less likely you are to incur mid-season problems.
  • Air conditioning companies like ours aren’t as busy in the spring with air conditioning services calls – repair and installation calls really start to pick up in late May or early June.
  • All cooling season long, you can rest easier knowing there are no signs of repair issues with your system…just the way you like it.
Late Summer or Fall Preventive Maintenance

Spring came and went, and whatever the reason might have been, your AC system did not get the attention it sorely needs. So, does that mean just wash your hands of the whole thing and wait until next spring and hope that you won’t forget or postpone service yet again?  Absolutely not!

Consider the logic. Your system got you through until late August or September without a hitch – some of that is just plain good luck. Nevertheless, it still took a beating from the relentless heat and humidity and could benefit, still, by a very thorough tune-up and inspection, Correct Temp style. If minor problems have appeared, they can be taken care of right away to help save you loads of cash. Or, if there’s nothing wrong with your AC system, the rest of the cooling season should be the proverbial “piece of cake”.

Contact Correct Temp for Service Now

Spring, summer, or fall – whenever the job gets done, it’s important to give your AC system the best possible care to help it run better, last longer, eliminate safety hazards, and help reduce your utility costs.  Contact us to schedule service today.


Is Fall Too Late for an AC Tune-up and Inspection?