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How to Throw a Great Block Party

How to Throw a Great Block Party

Once a vanishing breed, neighborhood block parties are making a strong comeback in countless towns across the country – maybe even yours. But throwing a great block party takes a good bit of planning and organizing, so give yourself plenty of time, ask for help, and delegate responsibilities so that the celebration is the best one your neighborhood has ever seen.

Follow these tips for throwing a safe, festive party that will have guests raving all summer long.

Get the Proper Permit

Put a call into City or Town Hall to verify whether a block party needs a permit. In many cases, a permit will also come with “no parking” signs, barricades to close off the street, and even trash and recycling bins. See if your city or town will throw in some free entertainment like a ladder truck from the local fire department.

Set Rules and Guidelines

Is the party open to residents only or are guests allowed? What areas or properties are off limits to partygoers (for example, lawns, porches, etc.)? Are pets allowed? If yes, consider requesting that people keep their dogs on leashes. Is consumption or alcohol or cigarette smoking allowed? Establishing and adhering to rules helps to avoid hassles and potential arguments.

Sign-Up Lists

Use an online sign-up page for potluck and other necessary items such as plates, napkins, utensils, and more. Don’t forget tables, chairs, pop-up tents, ice coolers, and charcoal or gas grills if your permit allows. A sign-up list is also a great opportunity to ask for volunteers for set up, clean up, and everything in between. Keep an eye on the list to help ensure nothing falls between the cracks.

Secure Entertainment

While most partygoers will be perfectly content, eating, drinking, and socializing, it doesn’t hurt to provide a little entertainment. Here are some suggestions:

  • Outdoor games like cornhole and bocce
  • Sidewalk chalk, water balloons, and bubble wands
  • An arts and crafts table for kids who prefer quieter activities
  • Tap into the skills of your neighbors – magic tricks, juggling, henna, tattoos, and face painting are always a hit.
  • Hold a 50-50 raffle to help offset the cost of more expensive activities like a bounce house, dunk tank, or an ice cream truck visit.
  • Don’t forget music! Set up a playlist in advance or get a teen or young adult to perform DJ duties.
Clean Up

Not the most fun aspect of your party, but an essential task, nonetheless. So, have plenty of strategically placed trash and recycling receptacles on hand and ask volunteers to pass through the party grounds every so often to clean up larger messes. Remind everyone to bring home dishes, serving bowls, cooking tools, and anything else they brought that they want to keep. But still, designate one house as the “lost & found” center.

When the party’s over, it’s time to return to your nice, cool, and comfortable home. Or is it? If you’ve been having problems with your AC system, now’s a great time to contact Correct Temp to schedule annual preventive maintenance. Maybe a good tune-up and inspection is all it takes to get it properly functioning again.

How to Throw a Great Block Party