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How to Make Your Life Less Hectic

How to Make Life Less Hectic

When the outside world feels chaotic, and you can’t seem to do much about it, you just can’t wait to get home – unless more chaos awaits you there. You know, like toys on the floor, junk mail on the counter, and a sink full of dishes. Clutter and mess can easily turn your home-sweet-home into another source of stress.

Don’t let disorganization and clutter take over. Instead, follow these simple tips to help you conquer the clutter, find a place for everything, and put everything in its place.

Kitchen Command Central

Whether it’s a chalkboard, corkboard, or a couple of file folders, keep track of important tasks, grocery lists, weekly menus, and more right in the heart of your home – the kitchen. Add an erasable calendar to ensure everyone gets where they need to be each week.

Declutter Cabinets

You’re a family of three but you have enough mugs, glasses, and dishes to host a party for twenty-five. Toss those with cracks, chips, dated motifs, and any piece everyone seems to avoid (we all have our least favorite coffee mug). Add wire or plastic racks inside cabinets to double the storage space for shorter items.

Clear Clothing Clutter

The rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it within the past 12 months, chances are you never will (unless it’s special-occasion attire). Donate anything that no longer fits or you simply don’t like. Toss anything that is torn, frayed, and beyond repair. Organize the remainder by keeping like items together.

Organize the Linen Closet

In the same vein, get that linen closet under control. Donate mismatched and even torn sheets, blankets, and towels to an animal shelter and organize the rest. Keep two or three complete sheet sets per bed, and two or three towel sets per household member. Use shelf dividers to neatly stack towels and place each family member’s sheets in individual bins to make them easy to grab come laundry day.

Beneath the Kitchen Sink

Are the plumbing pipes under your kitchen sink hidden behind grocery bags, pet food, cleaning supplies, and who knows what else? Remove everything then toss unnecessary and expired items. Next, place all cleaning supplies in a caddy for easy access and add expandable organizer racks to keep remaining supplies neatly organized. Being able to see the plumbing allows you to spot leaks and stop them quickly before they waste gallons of water and damage cabinetry and flooring.


Remove everything from the fridge and freezer and toss expired and questionable items. Then wipe down all shelving and neatly replace the food, beverages, and condiments you’re keeping. Add plastic organizers to make accessing ingredients a snap. Keep condiments in one place and prevent them from tipping over and spilling with a cardboard six-pack soda holder.

Medicine Cabinet

Expired prescriptions, empty boxes of bandages, and your favorite bottle of perfume – from 2007 – if these are what you see when you open your medicine cabinet, it’s time for an overhaul. Start by properly disposing of any expired medications. Use small plastic organizers to store tubes in place and attach a self-stick magnetic strip to the back of the cabinet door to hold tweezers, small scissors, and other metal items.

Battery Storage

Do you find yourself shuffling through multiple drawers looking for just the right battery? Purchase a small craft-supply box with various compartments and organize batteries by size and number. You’ll also be able to tell which to replace and how soon.

Great control equals greater indoor comfort – and so does Correct Temp when you hire us to install, maintain, and repair your home heating and cooling systems. Thousands of homeowners throughout the area trust us to do the same. We look forward to making your life more comfortable, too.

How to Make Your Life Less Hectic