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How to Make Your Home Feel Brighter

How to Make Your Home Feel Brighter

When the weather turns cold and people spend more time indoors, it’s the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a warm knit blanket, a hot mug of cocoa, and your favorite flick. After a while, though, the colder temps and shorter days can make staying indoors feel more like punishment than treat.

To help turn that feeling around, here are 10 ways to make your home feel lighter and brighter.

Remove Window Screens – This one simple task will flood your home with about 30% more sunlight. Just be sure to store the screens where they won’t get damaged.

Clean the Windows – Just like screen-free windows, clean windows allow in more sunlight, making your home feel brighter and warmer. Clean the inside once a month and the outside glass once a year for best results.

Trim Branches and Shrubs – If tree limbs or shrubs are blocking your view, trim them back a bit. If you can’t reach tree branches safely, contact a pro.

Pull Back Heavy Window Coverings – While great for insulation, heavy curtains and drapes block light and can make a room feel smaller. Pull them back during the day or replace them with roman shades or a simple valance paired with blinds.

Change Light Bulbs – If you’re still using incandescent bulbs that give off a yellowy light, replace them with brighter, whiter LEDs which better mimic natural light.

Hang String Lights – They’re not just for the holidays! Hang a few strands of lights around a window or mantel, or string them around a tall potted plant. Their warm glow will up the ambiance factor in any room of your home.

Think Light and Airy – Pale walls and light furnishings make a space feel lighter and brighter, even on the darkest of days. But if painting or furniture shopping isn’t an option, put pale-colored slipcovers on your sofa and chairs, add some creamy white throws and pillows.

Hang Mirrors – Use mirrors to bounce light around an otherwise dark space. If you don’t want to feel like you’re in a dressing room, opt for a large, convex mirror that amplifies light better than a flat one.

Add Plants – Not only do some plants make your indoor air healthier, they can make a home feel brighter. Choose your plants wisely based on the amount of care you can realistically give them and the amount of sun your get.

Speaking of indoor air, do you feel worse the more time you spend indoors?  You know, added symptoms of colds, viruses, and allergies?  Well, it might not be any of those but could very well be poor quality indoor air.  And while certain house plants can help a bit, nothing is better suited to the task than a whole-house air purifier from Correct Temp. Contact us today to learn more or schedule and free in-house air quality assessment.

How to Make Your Home Feel Brighter