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How to Conceal Your Outdoor AC Unit

How to Conceal Your Outdoor AC Unit

During the summer months, your central AC system is likely your favorite major appliance. Not that you’re ready to give up on the others mind you, but it’s normal to switch favorites from time to time.

Even still, some homeowners take the presence and open appearance of an outdoor condensing unit as just part of what it takes to own and maintain an AC system. Other people, however, value their comfort just as much but prefer to keep their condensing unit at least somewhat concealed. Here are a few ways to accomplish your outdoor disappearing act.

Fence It In

One of the easiest ways to hide a condenser from view is to put a fence or screen around it. Choose a material and style that works with the rest of your property for an integrated look.

House It Inside An Out-Building

Create a well ventilated shed or similar structure to house the condenser and keep it out of the sun. The same shed, for example, can be used to store lawn equipment and supplies.

Rethink Your Backyard Design

If your yard or garden could use a facelift anyway, this might be the perfect time to implement a clever disguise for your AC unit. A privacy or boundary wall, for example, can keep the condenser out of view while providing a backdrop for a sitting area.

Add a Vegetation Screen

If you’re looking for a more wallet-friendly option, a plant screen or trellis is a good alternative. Just be sure to allow proper spacing between the screen and condenser and choose vegetation that won’t creep onto or around the unit.

Pool Pump Covers

AC units are about as large as pool pump covers, and you’ll be able to find a variety of designs to choose from. Just make sure you’re leaving enough room for airflow and are using material that will stand up to your air conditioner’s workload.

Offer a Distraction

The key to any design, indoors or out, is to guide the eye to a focal point of view. While a condenser can certainly be hidden behind a low fence or structure, drawing the eye towards a winding path, a cozy gathering area, or lush vegetation will all suit that purpose nicely.

And while it’s okay to keep a condenser out of sight, don’t let it slip out of mind. Quite the contrary – for optimum performance, have your entire AC system cleaned and inspected once a year by Correct Temp, your local, full-service heating and cooling service providers. Whatever the need, we’re always on hand to assist you.

How to Conceal Your Outdoor AC Unit