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Not feeling the heat?
We can get it back in
no time.




We have more
ways than ever to
keep you cool.




Enjoy greater comfort
with improved indoor
air quality.




From preventive maintenance
to discounts on all repairs,
this plan is for you.


Preferred Customer Plan

Annual Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plan

Enjoy Preferred Customer Status with Correct Temp, All Year Long.

Today, we invite you to enroll in our Preferred Customer Plan so you can enjoy the very best in annual home comfort.

preferred-customer-planThe key feature of our Plan is annual preventive maintenance for the systems you opt to include: air conditioning only, heating (gas or oil) only, or heating and AC combined. Why is that so important? Because with annual preventive maintenance, your systems will run better, last longer, and deliver greater energy efficiency for lower utility costs.

In addition to annual preventive maintenance, your Plan membership also entitles you to:

  • Priority service over non-Plan customers during peak service periods
  • No overtime diagnostic fee…you’ll pay only our regular diagnostic fee regardless of when service is provided
  • All repair services will be discounted from the published rates in our flat rate Customer Assurance Price books
  • Free 1” pleated air filter during schedule maintenance
  • And more

When it’s time for air conditioning or heating system maintenance, we’ll send you a postcard reminder…once received, simply call to schedule service.
Today, we extend an invitation to enroll in our Preferred Customer Plan, granting you access to the epitome of annual home comfort. Discover the key features and benefits that come with our plan, ensuring your heating and cooling maintenance receive the care they deserve.

Key Features of the Plan

1. Annual Preventive Maintenance
Opt for annual preventive maintenance tailored to your chosen systems – air conditioning only, heating (gas or oil) only, or a combination of heating and AC. This essential service ensures improved system performance, extended lifespan, and enhanced energy efficiency for reduced utility costs.

2. Membership Entitlements
Enjoy exclusive benefits as a plan member, including priority service during peak periods, exemption from overtime diagnostic fees, discounted repair services, and a complimentary 1” pleated air filter during scheduled maintenance.

How It Works

1. Reminder and Scheduling
When it’s time for air conditioning or heating system maintenance, expect a postcard reminder. Upon receipt, a simple call will suffice to schedule your service.

2. Low Annual Basic Fee
Experience full membership status at a remarkably low annual basic fee, ensuring that premium comfort and service are accessible.

Additional Information

To delve deeper into the advantages of the Preferred Customer Plan from Correct Temp, reach out to our office today or inquire with your service technician during their visit. Regardless of the avenue you choose, anticipate the added value and unmatched benefits your membership will bring to your home.

You’ll also enjoy full membership status for one low annual basic fee.

To learn more about the Preferred Customer Plan from Correct Temp, call our office today or ask your service technician for details the next time we’re in your home. Either way, you’ll love the added value your membership will bring.

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