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Combined Heating & Cooling Systems

Combined Heating & Cooling Systems

Why Buy Two When One Will Do?

Correct Temp offers you two exciting home comfort alternatives:

  • Ductless air systems
  • Air source heat pumps

Both are designed to heat and cool your home and yet there are important differences
between the two.

Ductless Air System | Ductless Mini-Split

Let’s say you’re adding a room that your central air or heating repair systems can’t reach. Or, you already have a room that isn’t air conditioned (but does have heat), and you want it cooled with something other than a portable or window AC unit. Here’s another possibility: you have a hot water boiler but no central air system and you’ve been told your home doesn’t have and can’t support the necessary duct work.

Combined Heating & Cooling Systems | Correct TempA ductless air system can help you have the central heat and air you want in all three cases, and then some!  Here’s just some of what a ductless air system consists of:

  • At least one outdoor heat pump or condensing unit
  • Each condensing unit connects to up to 5 wall-mounted air handlers that take the place of both the duct work and air exchanger that are integral parts of central AC systems. With ductless air, you don’t need either.
  • Each wall-mounted air handler features remote control operation for individual room temperature control.

Ductless air systems also are super quiet, extremely energy efficient, and come with built-in filters.

But perhaps its best feature is its flexibility as it enables you enhance your existing heating and/or cooling systems with a ductless system.  Or, if you prefer, you can heat and cool your entire home the ductless way.  That’s flexibility to the core.

Air Source Heat Pump | Heat Pump Heating & Cooling

Combined Heating & Cooling Systems | Correct TempHow can you tell the difference between a heat pump and a central AC system? Well, from the outside, you pretty much can’t. That’s because they both have an outside condensing unit…though that’s where the similarities pretty much end.

An air source heat pump, just like a ductless air system, is a combined heating and cooling system. One we can install in your home for your family’s year-round comfort and convenience.

How does it work? A heat pump pulls heat from the air in the winter and directs it indoors to help keep you warm and cozy. During the summer months, it acts in reverse by pulling excess heat from inside your home and releasing it outdoors to help keep you cool and dry.

An air source heat pump is more energy efficient than separate cooling and heating systems, and easier to maintain since it’s one system vs. two.

Is converting to an air source heat pump the right move for you? Contact us today so we can discuss all your home heating and cooling options and provide you with a free new or replacement system estimate.

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