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Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion

Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion

Maybe you’re the trendy type, maybe not so much.  So, let’s say you’re somewhere in between:  interested in what’s new, but you do your research before heading off in a different direction.

That’s how some of our customers feel about switching from oil to gas heat.  The concept or the process isn’t new, but it’s new to them because now, after 15 years or so, their oil heating system must be replaced.  More of the same, or time for the big switch?

While no one can make that decision for you, we can give you several good reasons to switch to all-natural gas heat…assuming, of course, you have a gas main under your street.

Natural Gas is Cost-Effective

Yes, it will cost more to switch from oil to gas vs. purchasing a replacement oil heating system.  But the amount you’ll save to heat your home, over time, should more than cover the difference.

The Price of Gas is Less Volatile

If you’ve had oil heat for 10 years or so, you’ve seen numerous price fluctuations, often based on availability.  There is an abundant supply of natural gas, thus making prices generally lower and more consistent.

Natural Gas is Convenient

Once you switch to gas heat, here’s a call you’ll NEVER receive: “Mrs. Johnson? This is you gas supplier and, with all the snow on the ground we won’t be able to resume home deliveries until tomorrow at the earliest.”

Why won’t you get calls like that?  Because nobody delivers natural gas.  It runs through a pipe that connects the gas main under your street to your home. No more later or missed deliveries. And no more running out of fuel to keep your home heated in the meantime.

Natural Gas is Versatile

There are no clothes dryers, stoves, ranges, outdoor grills, or water heaters that run on oil.  But there are gas-operated models for all such appliances. And, since it costs less to operate a gas- vs. electricity-powered appliance, there’s another way you’ll save money by switching to gas.

Environmentally Friendly

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t burn any fossil fuels. But until that day comes along, the environment is better served when you heat your home with gas vs. oil. With gas, there’s no burn and no chemicals released into the environment.

If you’re looking to replace your home heating system, contact Correct Temp today. We install, service and repair gas and oil-powered systems and will be happy to explain the relative advantages of each. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable, long-term, and economical home heating solution.


Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion