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Annoying Things About Summer

Annoying Things About Summer

Ah, summer…a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy sun-filled days and breezy nights. Unfortunately, some pesky annoyances often come along for the ride, like high humidity, extreme heat, bugs, and other irritants that can really put a damper on things. So, to help you get the most from your summer experience, follow these tips for dealing with some of summer’s most common annoyances.


Nothing dampens the mood, especially at night, like being attacked by hungry mosquitoes. Stop them from crashing your good time by getting rid of anything that attracts them, like standing water. Check your gutters for trapped water, as that is an often-neglected breeding site. Mosquitos don’t like flying in high wind so if they invade your indoor space, turn on your ceiling fan or plug in a portable fan.



Fruit Flies

Summer is filled with a bounty of fresh fruit and veggies. Sadly, fruit flies like them just as much as we do! But you can keep that at bay by keeping sinks, drains, and disposals clean and dry, and wash or place dishes in the dishwasher as soon as possible. Place any rotting fruit in a bag and keep it in the freezer until trash pick-up day. Keep produce in a sealed container or in the fridge to prevent fruit flies from coming back.

Carpenter Bees & Ants

Left untreated, carpenter bees and ants can cause serious damage to wood in and around your home. If you see a trail of saw dust, contact a pest control company right away. Remember to keep all exposed wood painted or sealed and keep sprinklers away from wooden surfaces.

Doors that Stick

Heat and humidity can cause wooden doors to swell and outgrow their jambs. Prevent this sticky situation by tightening the hinge screws which will get your doors back in alignment. If that doesn’t work, try scaling back the weather stripping as it may have become too thick for the season. As a last resort, use a sander or planer to shave down the door just a bit, then seal the newly exposed edge with wood sealant or paint to block out humidity and prevent further swelling.

Weeds In Between Cracks

They’re not just unsightly, but weeds can cause pavement to crack or shift. Prevent weeds from growing by filling cracks with sand, cement, or an asphalt crack filler. Already have weeds? Spray with a natural weed killer or roll up your sleeves and pull them out by the roots.

A malfunctioning AC system might be the biggest nuisance of all. The best way to keep your system in top working order – for as long as possible – is with annual preventive maintenance performed by Correct Temp. We’re your total heating and cooling resource – annual maintenance, expert repairs, new system installs, and more. Contact us today to ensure your AC system won’t let you down.

Annoying Things About Summer