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Spring Decorating that Won’t Affect Your Allergies

Spring is a great time of year, unless you suffer from pollen, rag weed, and other spring time allergies. So that means, among other things, coming up with new and creative ways to decorate for the season, especially if you refuse to let your allergies stop you from bringing a touch of the outdoors inside your home.  Here’s how:

Herbs: Instead using flowers to make an arrangement, try a bouquet of herbs! They smell divine, and look wonderful. Set out a clear glass vase, fill with water (or dirt if you want more than a decoration), and add parsley, basil, rosemary, dill and sage.

Sprouts: Beans and seeds add a lovely touch of green to shallow trays or small cups.  Alfalfa, wheat grass, radish seeds, and broccoli sprouts are ideal to this purpose. You can also snip the greens and eat them, add them to salad or sautés.

Dwarf varieties: There are numerous varieties of vegetables that are perfect for indoor container gardening, including chili peppers and sweet peppers. The peppers are small and come in a variety of colors that will create interest as an ornamental. Sweet peas, dwarf strawberries, and even dwarf tomato plants that grow like a small bush rather than a tall tomato plant will also do the trick.

Leafy greens: Microgreens and lettuces come in a variety of colors from deep purple, bright red, pinks, greens of all variety, and whites. They make for a beautiful arrangement when planted in a pattern, are purifying to the indoor air, and can be eaten right away. These can be grown year-round as well provided they are kept by a south facing window that does not have a draft.

Cat grass: This one isn’t edible for humans, but your cat will love it! Just fill the bottom of a small container with seeds, and keep them covered with water. Tall, wispy grass will gross making a beautiful window decoration or centerpiece. Your kitty may come and periodically nibble some, but just off the top!

If allergies have you down at home, regardless of the season, then it’s time to rid them from the indoor air you breathe.  Contact Correct Temp today and ask about a whole-house air filter so you can stop dreading your great indoors.

Spring Decorating that Won’t Affect Your Allergies
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