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Is it Better to Repair or Replace Your AC System?

Is it Better to Repair or Replace Your AC System?

Here’s what you know for sure:  your AC system has not been running up to par. You don’t know why, and you’re hoping that whatever the issue might be, it can be resolved without making too much of a dent in your checking account.

Of course, since checking accounts, just like people, come in all shapes and sizes, someone’s “that’s not too much” can be someone else’s “I’m not paying that!” Which is to say, even given the exact same repair issue and the exact same AC system, one person’s decision to “repair” is likely to be someone else’s moment to “replace”.

Besides an immediate need for a system repair, what else might motivate you to have replace your AC system for a new, high efficiency model? Here are the top answers to that question as provided by our “replacement” customers:

  • Big spikes in electricity bills.  If you pay more and more every year to cool your home, and the rising electricity costs are painfully obvious each time you open your bill, then it’s time to ask yourself a question: “Would I save money in the long run by replacing my system now with the amount of money a new, high efficiency system would save me each month in utility costs?”
  • A concern for the environment.  Your older system uses Freon as a refrigerant, and no one argues the fact that Freon is detrimental to the earth’s ozone layers.  So, by replacing your system now, you’ll instantly be contributing to environmental improvement as any new system built from 2010 forward comes with a non-ozone depleting refrigerant replacement, R410A.
  • Hot and cold spots throughout your home.  If your system was correctly designed and installed, then it once distributed equal amounts of cool air throughout your home.  But if it no longer does, extreme wear and tear could explain its current deficiency, as can other contributing factors.

If you were to call Correct Temp to look at your aging AC system and were still undecided about what’s best for you – repair or replace – you can count on us to thoroughly troubleshoot the problem before attempting to provide a clear, concise answer to your question. You see, our goal is to help keep you as comfortable as possible and as affordably as possible, period. So, for honest advice and straight answers to all your question, contact Correct Temp today.

Is it Better to Repair or Replace Your AC System?
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