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Creative Uses for a Ductless Air System

Creative Uses for a Ductless Air System

One of the true wonders of a ductless air system is all the different purposes they can serve.

At one extreme, you can heat and cool your entire home with a ductless air system, an ideal option if your home doesn’t support air ducts and you prefer forced air over baseboard heating.

Ductless air can also help you convert your 3-season room into a year-round haven. Or, let’s say you have central air and heating everywhere except in your finished basement or attic. Now you can lose the space heaters and window AC units in favor of a ductless air system that can provide year-round indoor comfort.

The key to the flexibility of ductless air technology is the way each system is designed, starting with an outdoor condensing unit which connects to up to five indoor wall units. The latter, in turn, distribute conditioned air one room or space at a time. So, if it’s just a 3-season porch that needs attention, all you need is one outdoor condensing unit and one wall blower and, just like that, you have all the benefits of central air and heat with the need for air ducts.

Ductless air systems also include the following:

  • One remote controller per wall unit
  • Super quiet operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Up to 30% energy savings over central air and heat

If you have a room – 3-season or otherwise – that’s not already connected to your heating or cooling system, contact Correct Temp today to see if a new ductless air system is the right option for you.

Creative Uses for a Ductless Air System
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