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Service & Repairs

AC Preventative Maintenance | AC System Tune-up

What Runs Like a Rabbit and Purrs Like a Kitten?

That’s easy:  your AC system when it receives annual preventative maintenance from the experienced pros at Correct Temp.


In the process, our primary goal is to spot small problems before they become bigger and more costly repairs.  Here’s what else you can look forward to following our multi-point AC cleanings and inspections:

  • Improved performance
  • Longer system life cycle
  • Lower energy bills
  • Solutions for consistent temperatures throughout your home
  • And, of course, added peace of mind

We’re not the only ones who recommend annual preventative maintenance.  So does your system manufacturer.  In fact, if you have a newer system, we encourage you to read your owner’s manual carefully since failure to have this service performed by a licensed HVAC professional could nullify your warranty.

Has it been a year or more since service was last performed on your air conditioning system?  Then contact Correct Temp, and we’ll make sure that rabbit keeps on running, purring like a kitten the whole time.

Enroll today in Preferred Customer Program, and you’ll never have to worry about service being skipped.  That’s because we contact you each time service is due.

Air Conditioning Repair | AC Repair Service

Let’s Get That Broken or Ill-Performing AC System of Yours Fixed…Fast!

The older the system, the more repair prone it becomes.

Most people call us to report a problem right away…absolutely the right thing to do.  Others sit back and think: “Oh, it’s not so bad, it’s bound to get better when things cool off a little outside.”  Folks, waiting doesn’t help one bit.  All it does is prolong the inevitable and perhaps even make things worse.

The moral of the story?  If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should call us right away:

  • Steadily climbing energy bills
  • Strange and loud noises
  • Hot and cold spots in your house
  • The smell of mold and mildew in the air
  • Your system is cycling on and off frequently
  • You are continually lowering the thermostat to cool yourself off

At Correct Temp, we repair all makes and models of home AC systems.  So whatever model you own, and whatever the problem, we’re the company to call.

Contact Correct Temp…and remember:  we offer 24/7 emergency repair service, too.