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Attic Safety Tips

Attic Safety Tips

Unless you have an older home with a finished attic, chances are your attic is a place you seldom if ever visit.

Then again, if you’re the DIY type, maybe you’re up there on a semi-regular basis, especially during the summer months to change or clean your AC filter. That’s assuming, of course, your system’s air handler was installed in your attic as many are.

Whatever motivates you to access your attic, it’s a place where accidents can easily happen: getting up there, getting back down, and going about your business. To help prevent an accidental injury, we’re pleased to present the following attic safety tips:

  1. Plan each trip to the attic in advance so you can minimize the number of times you need to ascend and descend.
  2. If you’ve just moved into your home, find out if there’s any asbestos in your attic. If so, hopefully that was uncovered during the inspection process. If asbestos is still present and you need to do something in the attic anyway, wear googles and a HEPA respirator (not just a dust mask.
  3. You also want to check for animal/insect infestations that might impact your health. If you find any, hire a professional to handle the situation.
  4. Always be aware of wiring, pipes and cables, and where they’re located. You don’t want to knock any loose or trip over them. If you spot frayed or loose wiring, once again, hire a professional to eliminate a clear safety hazard.
  5. If you need to spend more than a few minutes in the attic during the summer, bring a box or table fan with you to keep cool. Attic temperatures can reach up to 160 degrees F during the summer when the outside air is in the mid-90’s. You’d also do well to bring some water along to keep yourself hydrated.
  6. Even if you have fixed lighting up there, you’ll benefit by having a work light and flashlight that you can move around and use for peering into dark corners.
  7. Dress to protect your limbs from contact with insulation or protruding objects. Wear long sleeves and long pants, and a hat to protect your head. Sneakers with tread may be better than boots if you have to balance on joists.

If you notice any heating or air conditioning related problems while you’re in the attic, contact Correct Temp so we can promptly and fully resolve them for you. Let’s say, for example, you find water pooling up around your air handler or a duct connection that’s come loose – two very good reasons, among others, to put Correct Temp to work on your behalf.


Attic Safety Tips
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