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5 Furnace Warning Signs

5 Furnace Warning Signs

Your home heating system was designed to last 15 – 20 years. Around that time, things have a way of suddenly going wrong. Of course, if they’re not well maintained, there’s a good chance they can call it quits a lot sooner.

The good news is – and regardless of their age – it’s rare for a furnace to simply up and stop working. Instead, they give off several different warning signs that trouble is brewing, including these following:

5 Furnace Warning Signs, Salem & Sandown – Your furnace might not be able to talk, but it has its own form of communication, especially when all is not well.

Too Noisy

Things like a loose belt or a problem with the ignition system can make enough noise to make up even the heaviest sleeper.

Yellow Pilot Light

This indicates your furnace is not properly mixing its gases, and that could indicate a carbon monoxide leak.

Slow Starter

A slow-starting furnace, or one that has trouble staying connected, indicates a problem with the thermostat or furnace itself.

Skyrocketing Energy Costs

If it’s costing much more to heat your home than it used to, it could be nothing more than a clogged filter or a furnace on a steady descent into oblivion.

Unhealthy Indoor Air

The older the furnace, the dirtier the air it produces.  So, if you and other family members can’t seem to shake that cold, maybe it isn’t a cold after all.

And now for a “good news/bad news” comparison, starting with the bad news. No matter how well you take care of your furnace, it won’t last forever. No mechanical object or system can.

Now, for the good news. The better and more consistent you have your furnace cared for, the longer it will supply your home with a steady and affordable source of heat.

So, if it’s been a year or longer since your furnace last received professional care, contact Correct Temp today to schedule our preventive maintenance service. It’s just the thing to keep it running longer with fewer repairs, cleaner indoor air, added safety, and reduced home heating costs.

5 Furnace Warning Signs